SEM-COM Facilities

In December 1998, SEM-COM moved into the present site which is located at 1040 North Westwood Ave. in Toledo. This facility is approximately one eighth of a mile from our former home in the University of Toledo complex. The current building covers 20,000 square feet, of which 15,000 are dedicated to manufacturing, 2,000 are laboratories and the remainder being office and support areas. We have approximately 4 1/2 acres of land that also houses another stand-alone 5,000 square foot building. The entire facility meets our current requirements and allows for future expansion.

SEM-COM's product development and manufacturing activities have resulted in significant sales increases over the past years. In addition to our many important domestic customers, we supply significant quantities of specialty glasses and precision items to Asia, United Kingdom, and Eastern Europe.

New equipment and processes have been added to permit continuous production of important technical glass materials. We look forward to using our increased production capacity for additional customers needing high volumes of specialty glasses and glass ceramics.