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SEM-COM Company was formed in 1987 with the purchase of the Owens Illinois (OI) Glass Technology/Corporate Melting Operations. The OI Glass Technology/Melting Department dates to 1937, and several of the current SEM-COM employees joined that OI group in the 1950s. As a result, SEM-COM currently offers decades of combined experience in the development and manufacture of Specialty Glasses and Glass/Ceramic products.

Today SEM-COM has more than two hundred (200) active customers worldwide and several distinct product lines. SEM-COM also has the use of most of the glass compositions (many proprietary) that were made by OI since 1937. Our composition database contains over 30,000 glasses which are available for our use in direct applications or as a basis for new glass development. Depending on the end use application, our materials move through different manufacturing processes and find their way into diverse customer products and then to thousands of consumers throughout the world.

Our core staff of experienced scientists, engineers, and technicians are supported by some of industry's leading glass technology consultants.  This team combination together with our database provides SEM-COM with the competitive edge.